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Prestige Aviation

There is no limit in Luxury. Hire a private jet and reach for the sky.

Prominent individuals wishing to rent a private jet in Cyprus for either business or pleasure will certainly enjoy a flight experience that exceeds expectations. Any transition will be steeped in luxury and refinement allowing passengers to relish every moment of their journey. A plane ride can be more than a simple transfer and with the exclusive Prestige VIP Services provided a plane ride certainly comprises the ultimate luxury in VIP travel.

Providing exclusive and attentive jet charter services the company ensures than any transfer is an experience to be treasured, a discreet and pleasurable affair for world-class executives that are always on the go. Travellers wishing to rent a private jet charter in Larnaca or Paphos will certainly experience a truly remarkable flight along with some of the finest luxury services in Cyprus.

“Pilots take no special joy in walking. Pilots like flying.”

Neil Armstrong

Discover the convenience of charter.

Elevate your experience with a private jet whether you are travelling for business, leisure or even emergency medical issue. We have gathered the top professionals on this island so that your tailormade charter will exceed expectations. We are here for you 24/07.


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