“We must free ourselves of the hope
that the sea will ever rest.
We must learn to sail in high winds.”
Aristotle Onassis

The majestic scenery, the crystalline waters and westerly winds make sailing in Cyprus an amazing experience. Prestige VIP Services offer a wealth of choices for the connoisseurs of luxury and style including a luxury yacht charter from the finest VIP yacht rental in Cyprus. Whether dreaming of relaxed, romantic or adventurous excursions, esteemed clients our welcome to make their selection amidst a powerboat, a super yacht or a motor yacht and sail away into the depths of the sea while enjoying the utmost privacy, safety and comfort. Any luxury boat comes complete with a professional ship crew catering to all needs and desires while on sailing holidays.

Premium Yacht Services in Limassol

Offering a full range of premium yacht services in Limassol, Prestige VIP Services ensures an unsurpassed sailing experience for prestigious travellers wishing to hire a yacht. Featuring an extensive fleet of luxury yachts for rent, any cruise can be tailored to the preferences of its passengers. With the multitude of luxury services provided the expert crew of the Prestige VIP Services can arrange the most spectacular yacht weddings and celebrations down to the last detail turning any dream into an exciting reality.

Prestige VIP Services offer a wide range of exclusive yacht sales and packages for elite travellers wishing to enjoy a premium yacht experience. From an exclusive business breakfast cruise to a romantic Mediterranean Sunset cruise, a half day cruise along the beautiful coastline and grand private cruises, the company is sure to enchant all passengers with the exceptional on board facilities and services provided.

The experienced crew allows passengers to personalize the experience and enhance their indulgence with flavoursome touches from the professional chef. From an amorous tour to a glamorous celebration, a bachelor party, a formal gathering or a very private wedding reception, Prestige VIP services can organize all kinds of dream events in the enchanting atmosphere of a luxury yacht.


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