Why lease from us?

  • Fixed amount per month
  • Easier to calculate your expenses and administrate your budget
  • Fast and simple procedures suitable for all sorts of companies, businessmen and freelancers 
  • Road assistance in case of emergency
  • No maintenance expenses
  • Replacement car provided in case of accident or during service
  • No registration charges
  • Full insurance provided
  • No taxes and other costs that come with car ownership
  • All types of cars available (saloons, vans, luxury)
  • No capital expenditure 
  • Possibility of swapping vehicles

Why buy from us?

Are you looking to buy a brand new or even a used car? Our specialty services can arrange for you the best deals. Our management team and highly trained staff are committed to providing the best customer service. In practical terms this means that our car sale representatives in Cyprus and abroad can ensure that you will have your car delivered in time without any further involvement on your behalf.

The only requirement; select the make and the model.

Prestige VIP Services offers attractive packages at the lowest possible prices in our own vehicles which were all purchased after 2010 and are all kept at the highest levels of performance due to regular services and maintenance. 

Outstanding support every step of the way!

  • For any problems that may occur with the car, e.g. breakdown, tire burst etc. you call the Prestige Road Service who will replace your car immediately with an upgrade. 
  • Anytime you travel overseas, we will collect the car from the airport for you and deliver it back to the airport upon your return without any charges.
  • When car service or MOT is required we again replace the car with an upgraded car, we pick up your car and deliver to your required destination.
  • In the case of an accident one of our Prestige VIP Services staff members will arrive at the scene of the accident and replace the car for you. At that stage you can depart the accident scene and we will arrange all insurance paperwork on your behalf.
  • If for any specific purpose during your leasing period you require an alternative luxury, car we can replace your car with no extra charge to the car of your desire.
  • If for any specific purpose during your leasing period you require to also rent a supercar, private yacht, private jet, we will be more than happy to provide you with special discounted rates.
  • If for any specific purpose you do not wish to drive and therefore require a chauffeur we can offer you the service at a 50% discount from the normal rate.